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Revamped O-licence IT system goes live

Operators can now manage and apply for a new O-licence online with the launch of a revamped IT system by the DVSA and Office of the Traffic Commissioner.

Waste firm director given suspended prison sentence

  The director of several waste management firms has been given a suspended prison sentence in relation to serious waste and environmental offences committed across three Wiltshire waste sites.

TC Bell calls for more money to improve O-licence regime

Senior traffic commissioner (TC) Beverley Bell has said TCs need to be properly funded to be able to take strong action against rogue hauliers quickly and improve the service they offer the compliant industry.

TC denies O-licence over fronting concerns

Traffic commissioner (TC) Joan Aitken (pictured) has denied a North Lanarkshire-based business an O-licence because of concerns that it could be a front for its director’s domestic partner.