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Improved mirrors to be mandatory from July

Improved mirrors that eliminate HGV blind spots will become mandatory on newly registered vehicles from July next year across the EU.The measure, championed by the UK government, was adopted following a vote earlier this month (16 December) by the European Commission.For the first time it will be mandatory for all newly registered vehicles in the UK to meet the improved mirrors standard.

Defective Lakeland Tanker discovered

A government investigation into non-compliant GRW fuel tankers has uncovered a Lakeland Tanker containing defects. In a written statement to parliament, transport minister Andrew Jones said a full-scale test of the tanker had found that safety was not compromised by the defects, but he conceded that they were being looked into by the manufacturer.

All new HGVs to require sideguards under DfT proposal to improve road safety

The government is planning to outlaw the removal of sideguards and rear under-run devices on HGVs as part of its drive to reduce cyclists’ deaths across the UK.The plan is contained in the DfT’s British Road Safety Statement (BRSS) published yesterday, which also proposes doubling the fine for HGV drivers using mobiles whilst driving.

Dissolved firm sees O-licence revoked

Connolly Transport has had its O-licence revoked, four years after the business was dissolved.In a written decision by Judge Kenneth Mullan following a tribunal hearing in Belfast in November, the appeal made by the former director – Clifford Connolly – was dismissed.

Waste haulier Dunchaul fined for illegal tipping

A waste haulier and two farmers have been ordered to pay more than £264,000 in fines and costs after they illegally dumped more than 60,000 tonnes of waste in the Cornish countryside.An Environment Agency (EA) investigation found that Andrew Duncan, director of Plymouth operator Dunchaul, along with farmers David Stroud and Darren Pearce, deposited tonnes of soil, demolition and construction waste on unauthorised sites between June 2010 and September 2012.

Harsher penalties for HGV drivers who use mobile phones behind the wheel

HGV drivers caught using mobile phones whilst driving will face harsher penalties under government plans announced this week.Under the proposals all motorists who endanger lives by using hand-held mobile phones while driving will face an increase from the current three penalty points to four, with the fixed penalty notice rising from £100 to £150. 

Polish-registered trucks top DVSA prohibition list

Some 42.1% of non-UK registered trailers stopped by the DVSA in 2014 were defective.Mechanical prohibition figures obtained via a freedom of information request by showed that of the 29,567 foreign-registered trailers stopped by enforcement officers between 1 January and 31 December 2014, 12,473 were issued with a PG9.

Annual test first-time pass rate at highest-ever level

First-time pass rates for HGVs and trailers at annual test have continued to improve, reaching their highest-ever levels.According to the DVSA’s Vehicle Testing, Enforcement, Approval and Safety Defect Data report (formerly the Effectiveness Report) for the 12 months to 31 March 2015, 80.1% of trucks passed first time. This is up from 78.4% achieved the previous year, which was the seventh consecutive increase.