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Boris plans to ban polluting HGVs from central London

  • 05 November 2010
  • By Joanna Bourke

Boris Johnson has proposed a ban on the most heavilly polluting HGVs in central London.

The Mayor of London wants Transport for London (TfL) to look at the potential for some environmentally unfriendly lorries to be stopped from entering parts of central London. Instead trucks would deliver cargo to consolidation centres, or bases around the perimeter of the city, and low-carbon vehicles would continue the deliveries into the centre.

The plans would "stop polluting HGVs travelling through London and make a real difference", Johnson told a People's Question Time in Camden earlier this week.

Kulveer Ranger, the Mayor's transport adviser, adds: "This could have the double benefit of allowing us to reduce the number of large polluting vehicles, but also combine the loads of smaller polluting lorries onto a carbon-free vehicle."

The proposal is yet to be made into a formal consultation.

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