Bradford-on-Avon lorry watch scheme riles drivers

Volunteers of a Lorry Watch scheme in Bradford-on-Avon have claimed that drivers have become abusive towards them while they attempted to enforce a local weight restriction.

Stephanie Ridout, coordinator of the scheme, which encourages locals to write down number plates of LGVs breaching a weight restriction on the town bridge, said the incidents have been reported to the police.

Her comments came after seven companies were prosecuted in one week for contravention of the 18-tonne weight restriction in the Wiltshire town.

Ridout admitted that there would probably be no end to prosecutions, but that the Lorry Watch scheme had reduced the number of LGVs breaching the limit by a third.

"We have had a couple of occasions where drivers have become quite abusive; they have got out and threatened the volunteers," she said. "Two were very abusive. They only do it to men. We report it to the police each time."

None of the seven haulage firms were available for comment.