Trevor Warde Groupage Services director given 14-year ban

The director of a haulage firm that went into liquidation owing £1.2m to unsecured creditors has been disqualified for 14 years.

The Department for the Economy (DfE) accepted the disqualification undertaking from Newry-based Trevor Warde, in respect of his conduct as a director of Trevor Warde Groupage Services.

The company went into liquidation in May 2014 with an estimated deficiency of £1.18m in regards meeting the money owed to creditors.

The DfE said Warde had knowingly acted as a director of the company between August 2002 and August 2007, during which time he had been issued with a disqualification order by the High Court. This five-year disqualification was given in respect of his involvement in Newry Town Football Club (1997).

He was said to have caused or permitted the haulier to carry out fraudulent activities between May 1996 and November 2010, by potentially paying up to £1.4m into his personal bank account.

His disqualification follows a separate five-year ban that was given to fellow director Gareth Warde in January.

The company failed to pay £696,267 in PAYE, national insurance contributions, interest and penalties for the 2001/2 to 2010/11 tax years and £457,699 in corporation tax, interest and penalties for the same time period.

The firm had an O-licence authorising up to 23 vehicles and 23 trailers before it went into liquidation.