DVSA keeps cabotage check locations secret

The DVSA has refused to provide details about which ports and roadside locations it uses to conduct cabotage checks, claiming non-compliant operators would avoid the area.

In a response to a Freedom of Information request from CM, the enforcement agency said the release of the information would “result in conclusions being drawn on operational resourcing and targeting patterns employed by DVSA” .

The request was made after the DVSA told CM that between April and August a tiny fraction (0.6%) of foreign vehicle checks found breaches in cabotage rules.

In its response, the DVSA added that up to date figures showed that there had now been 16,615 checks of lorries carried out since April, of which 123 were breaking cabotage rules. Although an increase, this equates to just 0.75% of the total.

On the issue of locations, the DVSA added: “Non-compliant operators/drivers could use this information to avoid operations undertaken by the agency. This would be likely to result in an adverse impact on the agency’s operational capability and would be likely to prejudice the exercise of our functions.”

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