Foreign drivers given a third of Driver CPC fines to date

More than a third of the fixed penalties issued for Driver CPC offences in the month to 16 October were given to foreign drivers.

The figures, presented at a recent DVSA stakeholder meeting, reveal there were 8,444 HGVs and 310 PSVs stopped for enforcement purposes from 10 September to 16 October.

This saw 196 Driver CPC offences recorded and 113 fixed penalties issued. Of these penalties, 106 related to “Driver CPC – no evidence of training or exemption”. The remainder concerned “no initial or periodic training”.

The majority of infringements related to HGVs, with just eight of the 113 offences recorded against PSVs.

Offences by resident status of the driver reveal UK residents attracted 74 fixed penalties, while non-UK residents netted 39 penalties. These comprised 32 fixed penalty deposit notices and seven court deposit notices.

While the majority of EU member states now have Driver CPC in place, there are a handful of exceptions working to a 10 September 2016 deadline: these are Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Portugal (for those over 50 years old), Belgium, Spain (specific to particular licences), Sweden and Norway (those with a current licence expiry date of 2018).

A separate measure from the DVSA revealed that from 1 April to 16 October, 35 Driver CPC offences had been taken to court (with 47 defendants – operator and driver –involved). Of those that have been dealt with in court, the average fine issued was £366 with costs averaging £214 on top.

Previous data showed 80 fines had been issued in regards Driver CPC.