French parliamentary report proposes reviving HGV toll

France’s shelved Ecotax scheme could be revived, following publication of a new parliamentary report on the failed truck tolling plan.

The report proposes amending the Ecotax to include up to 844km of toll-free travel a month for French trucks, depending on their gross vehicle weight and emissions levels, and also suggested a four-month trial be undertaken to establish what problems the toll might really cause French truck operators.

The toll, scheduled after a number of delays to come into effect in January across 10,500km of main roads in France and 5,000km of secondary routes, was suspended altogether late last year after protests across the country. 

French transport operators’ association the FNTR expressed dismay over the new parliamentary report and called on the French government to abandon the plan. Allowing the supplementary tax to proceed would effectively sign a death warrant for thousands of French distribution firms, it warned.

Last month, an alternative plan to charge only foreign trucks for using French roads was floated by French minister for ecology, sustainability and energe, Ségolène Royal.