HGV Road User Levy generates £7.6m in five weeks

The Department for Transport (DfT) has raised £7.6m from levy fees alone, since the introduction of the HGV Road User Levy on 1 April.

After revealing the sum via a Tweet a spokesman for the DfT told Commercialmotor.com that the sum, generated over the first five weeks of the levy, was derived purely from foreign-registered operators paying the charge and not from fines for failure to comply.

This amount is, at face vaule, much higher on a monthly basis than the DfT's previous prediction that the levy would generate around £20m annually. However, it may represent a peak payment month as foreign-registered vehcile operators have the option to pay a yearly levy fee, which would likely result in a drop in levy revenue in the coming months..

Last month the DfT said that over 200 fines had been issued to operators that had not paid the HGV Road User Levy in its first two weeks.

Furthermore some 92,000 levies have been purchased during that period and Nearly 78,000 trucks have been registered by operators in 56 different countries.

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