IAA Hannover 2014: Scania launches latest Streamline package

Scania claims to offer the most fuel efficient range of Euro-6 trucks after launching its latest Streamline package.

Streamline combines aerodynamic aids with an economy mode for its Opticruise automated gearbox and Scania Active Prediction cruise control to reduce fuel consumption to class-leading levels. The most recent incarnation of Streamline relaunched in 2013 cut fuel consumption by 8% - now the new improved package improves efficiency by a further 3%.

Together with a range of fuel efficient Euro-6 engines, Scania is now “top of the league for fuel efficiency at Euro-6” according to Henrik Henriksson, Scania vice president in charge of sales and marketing. “The goal is to make our customers more profitable as that makes them more sustainable,” he said.

Scania CEO Martin Lundstedt said 2014 was the third consecutive year Scania had increased its share of key markets including the UK, France and Germany and that he was very happy with the company’s Euro-6 offer. “We launched Euro-6 early and we learnt a lot,” he said. “We have 18 Euro-6 engines from 380 to 730hp that combined with our modular component systems mean we can optimise efficiency for every application.”

He added that Scania also offered the widest choice of bio fuels including ethanol and gas as well as diesel for customers wanting to become carbon neutral.

Scania’s Ecolution – which combines improved specification of vehicles with continuing dialogue with the operator to optimise efficiency – can save a further 10% on fuel use. Lundstedt said that “the basis [of Ecolution] is connectivity” which is why since 2011 every Scania vehicle comes out of the factory with communications capability as standard. “That is why we have by far the highest penetration of connected trucks,” he said. “We have 4,000 vehicles connected since Ecolution was launched in 2010.”