Increasing HGV speed limit will make enforcement easier, says minister

The government believes increased speed limits for HGVs on single-carriageways will make enforcement easier and save money.

Responding to a question from shadow transport minister Richard Burden in parliament earlier this week, transport minister Claire Perry said that it was the Department for Transport’s (DfT) view that increasing the speed limit from 40mph to 50mph would see fewer HGVs breaking it.

This will make “targeted enforcement of any remaining infringements easier. Enforcement resources saved due to better compliance could be used for other enforcement work, including related to local road speed limits, subject to local policing decisions” Perry said.

Perry added that in regards those driving HGVs for a living, the intention in regards the impact on their driving licences is to view breaking the higher speed limit as a more serious offence than it’s currently classed as.

“The senior traffic commissioner plans to consult on revised guidance during the coming months,” Perry added.

The DfT has conceded since announcing the increase that raising the speed limit is unlikely to reduce road deaths, a claim that has previously been put forward by ministers and industry commentators.