London mayoral candidates target changes to HGV policy

Candidates in London’s mayoral election have promised voters sweeping changes to emissions legislation, HGV safety and speed limits in the capital if elected.

Labour candidate Sadiq Kahn has pledged to bring forward the introduction of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone – a Euro-6-only zone using the same boundaries as the congestion charge set for 2020 – if he takes over from Boris Johnson. However, Green party candidate Siân Berry said she would extend its reach to make it London-wide. 

Berry said she would also push for the rush-hour HGV ban championed by Liberal Democrat candidate Caroline Pidgeon, while Conservative hopeful Zac Goldsmith pledged to tackle congestion by making it mandatory for major developments in the city to use a consolidation centre for deliveries. 

As mayor, Goldsmith would look to make it compulsory for all suitable vehicles operating in the city to be fitted with an additional passenger door window, as well as trial the under-vehicle inflatable skirts that prevent cyclists from being pulled underneath an HGV.

The Green Party’s Berry would make membership to Clocs and Fors mandatory for London operators and introduce compulsory cycle awareness training for drivers, while Kahn would push for “safer, cleaner lorry standards” across the city.

All three candidates would also look to move more freight onto water, while both Berry and Kahn would push for 20mph speed limits across the city. In terms of road safety, enhancing drivers’ visibility was alluded to across the board.

The election will take place on 5 May.