M6 closure at junction 19 southbound tonight after lorry crash

The Highways Agency (HA) has warned that there will be no southbound access to the M6 at junction 19 tonight, as resurfacing work commences after a lorry overturned on the stretch this morning.

The A556 between the junctions with the A50 and the M6 was closed earlier after a Renault Magnum lorry, which was running without a trailer, crashed and leaked fuel onto the road.

The driver was taken to hospital with injuries, although they are not thought to be serious.

The incident closed the dedicated slip road for the M6, although access has been possible via an alternative route at the local roundabout.

However, all access will be closed from 10pm tonight as resurfacing of the slip-road commences, and a spokesman for the HA urges hauliers to join the M6 earlier to avoid disruption.