Operators will buy more new trucks next year

Operators will buy more vehicles in 2015 than they did in 2014, with purchasing from new the most popular form of acquiring new trucks.

A survey of 500 operators revealed that they predict buying an average of 29.6 vehicles in the 12 months ahead, up from the 25.9 new vehicles acquired in 2014.

Large operators (51 trucks or more) and small operators (two to 25 trucks) showed the highest levels of optimism for 2015 when it came to new truck acquisitions.

The survey was conducted as part of the annual Overview of the Commercial Vehicle Industry report 2015, launched last week and produced by CM publisher Road Transport Media, on behalf of Texaco and in association with Continental.

CM managing editor Christopher Walton, who compiled the report, said: “More operators ignored Euro-6 in 2014 than moved forward buying cycles to avoid it. They are ready to refresh old vehicles and, while there are challenges, show a great degree of optimism about business in 2015.”

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