Society of Operations Engineers (SOE) takes tyre technician accreditation to Commercial Vehicle Show

The Society of Operations Engineers (IRTE) will be showcasing its accreditation standard for tyre technicians at the CV Show.

In January, tyre firm Bridgestone assessed the first commercial technicians at Tyreforce in Manchester using the Irtec tyre assessment. It evaluates technicians on a number of practical and theoretical tasks, and includes an online test. If successful, the technician will be licenced for five years.

Bridgestone training and development manager Phil Thirsk said the industry has been greatly in need of an accreditation standard that recognises the vital services provided by tyre technicians. “We regard Irtec tyre as an accreditation standard of great substance, which is both credible and professional,” he said.

“With independent operators getting bigger, there is a need to establish a measure of best practice, the industry has been in need of regulation and control, and Irtec tyre fills this void. Irtec tyre will work as a form of empowering technicians in the workshop.”