Van Guard displaying HaloRail at CV show

At the CV show Van Guard will be displaying HaloRail, a new fall arrest safety rail for dropside and tipper body light commercial vehicles, with removable side and rear sections for ease of loading and unloading large items.

The rail is designed to reduce the number of injuries caused by falling from the bed when working on these vehicles.It has been carefully designed to be lightweight, strong and durable, and at 21kg for the 2.5m version it provides maximum safety for workers with minimal impact on payload capacity.

Each element of the design has been thought through to ensure the risk of injury, either by falling on to the rail, or through accidental misuse such as forgetting to sufficiently attach the side rail, carries the minimum risk possible.

Very little assembly is required and all necessary fixings are supplied to ensure HaloRail can be installed quickly.It can be fitted to brand new vehicles, or those already out on the road.

The kit can be manufactured to the exact size required, and with the addition of an optional safety chain access gate can provide a safe working environment for anyone who needs to access the vehicle's working bed.