Redesigned truck cabs on the roads within a decade

The European Commission (EC) has revealed that longer-length truck cabs will be on the roads within the next decade, later than its original 2017 proposal.

The EC said the European Parliament and the European Council reached a political compromise last week, agreeing to allow truck manufacturers to produce longer and more aerodynamic HGVs in 2022.

Earlier this year, the European Council proposed to delay the introduction of new designs to 2023, instead of the EC’s original bid for 2017. 

A spokesman for the EC said: “A political compromise was reached last week between the European Parliament and the Council on the Commission's proposal to revise the so-called 'Weights and Dimensions' Directive.

“This will allow truck manufacturers to introduce more aerodynamic, greener and safer trucks on the market.”

However formal adoption of the compromise by the two parties is expected in early 2015 and the spokeman added that there is a possibility of the new designs being adopted by as early as 2020.