RHA launches initiative to attract women into the road transport industry

The RHA has announced a new initiative to help address the shortage of women in the road transport sector.

The ‘She’s RHA’ programme, conceived by the RHA’s only female board member, Lesley O’Brien, will aim to promote a “new, welcoming culture” within the industry via a new forum in which women in the sector can share their experiences and highlight the wide range of career paths available.

RHA marketing manager Kejeene Beard said the open-ended scheme would first focus on bringing women already in the industry together before looking at how the message could then be spread to those outside it.

“We’re looking for women already in the industry to talk to us about the challenges they face, what it’s like in this business and what we could be doing to bring more women into it,” she said.

Just 2% of workers in the sector are women, stressed Beard. “By 2022, we need another 1.2 million workers in this industry to sustain it and we have a massive workforce out there just waiting to be tapped into out there,” she added.  

A launch event seeking to involve women in the scheme from the RHA’s current membership will be held towards the end of February.