Scania says new smart watch can boost driver efficiency

Scania believes its new smart watch can improve fuel efficiency.

The Scania-branded Sony SmartWatch 3, which links with the truck’s OnBoard fleet management system and the driver’s Android smartphone, is capable of monitoring driving styles. And, according to Magnus Lynberg, who works for Scania’s e-business and new media division, having a permanent reminder of their driving style on their wrist, will make drivers want to better themselves.

This in turn will result in improved fuel consumption. With this in mind, he expects hauliers to buy them for their drivers.

“Transport companies operate on tiny margins and if they can save a little bit of fuel it can make all the difference,” he says. The first 1,000 watches, all individually engraved and numbered, will be called Black Griffin and will be priced at €295 (£225).