Truck numbers up, but well below those of 2007

The number of trucks over 3.5-tonnes GVW on Great Britain’s roads rose to 473,900 during 2014 – up 1% on the previous year and up 2.8% since the recent low of 460,600 in 2012, new DfT figures on licensed vehicles have shown.

Despite the recent rise, which mirrors the UK’s ongoing recovery from recession, the total number of trucks in use remains substantially below the 2007 peak of 510,800.

Split by GVW, 11.9% of the total at the end of last year were 3.5 to 7 tonnes, while 44.7% were 7 to 18 tonnes, 12.5% were 18 to 31 tonnes, 10.3% were 31 to 41 tonnes and 20.5% more than 41 tonnes.

The DfT figures also show there were 3.47 million licensed light goods vehicles on GB roads last year, up 3.5% on 2013 and up almost 23% in the last 10 years.

Of the total light goods vehicles licensed at the end of last year, 95.7% use diesel, compared with just 88% 10 years ago; while 3.9% use petrol, 0.3% use gas and 0.1% are electric.

Separate figures show demand for diesel reached 7.36 billion litres in the final quarter of 2014, leaving the total for the year at 28.1 billion litres – up 3.4% on 2013. Of this annual total, 9.77 billion litres were bulk deliveries - up 4% on 2013.