Tyre labelling to be enforced more robustly

The Department for Transport (DfT) is to introduce regulations enforcing the EU directive on tyre labelling that combine risk-based enforcement and the use of criminal law sanctions, rather than a suite of civil sanctions.

The decision follows a six-week consultation with the tyre industry on alternative methods of enforcing the requirement for tyre suppliers to make buyers aware of the mandatory information tyre manufacturers have to provide at the point of sale.

John Hill, head of B2B marketing at ATS Euromaster, said that two years on from the introduction of tyre labelling, the general principle of proportionate enforcement represents a pragmatic approach.

“We are pleased  there is acknowledgment within the DfT consultation document that there is a balance to be made between education and sanctions, while taking account of the range of different businesses in the industry,” Hill said. “However, we believe specific elements of the legislation are unclear, such as consumer education.”

The legislation requires tyre manufacturers to rate their tyres on wet grip, noise and rolling resistance and tyre suppliers to make buyers aware of this information. In its response to the consultation, ATS said government needs to take a more active role.