Use of GPS jamming on the increase warns firm

A technology firm has claimed that the police are still not taking seriously enough the threat of criminals using GPS jamming equipment to block the signal of commercial vehicles in order to steal lorries and their loads.

Professor Charles Curry, MD at Chronos Technology, has warned that jammers are becoming increasingly more powerful and could now also block mobile phone signals.

A CM investigation earlier this year [CM 2 January] found concern among experts at the widespread use of jammers and their ability to wipe out large areas covered by GPS signals.

Chronos uses sensors across the UK to monitor the use of jamming equipment and Curry said that one site in central London had seen a 50% surge in detections in just 12 months.

He also said that Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans were high on the list of targets for criminals using the equipment.

Asked if the response by the police had improved, Curry said: “Not necessarily. They are understanding it, but there’s not much communication between police forces.”

He added: “The jammers are no longer little cigarette-sized ones but larger and more professional ones with multiple antennae which block mobile phone and GPS signals.

“They are killing the knowledge of where the vehicle is and the ability of it to ‘phone home’.”