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As the Housing Market Stumbles, What Happens to Truck Demand?

US journalist Herbert Agar once argued that: “The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear.”This seems rather appropriate, given the news that, on both sides of the Atlantic, the housing market is beginning to look a bit poorly.

More Chrysler.

The Chrysler tale gets yet more bizarre. Last week, Dr. Z announced plans to cure the patient. This – to our simple way of thinking – indicates that there may be a solution to Chrysler’s ills.

Europe: Where's the Downturn?

January 1st 2007 was meant to be the day in which it all went wrong in Europe – at least as far as truck sales were concerned.But it seems that reports of the death of EU truck sales have been somewhat overstated. January’s figures are filtering through, and, in Germany, VDA figures point to an eight per cent increase in sales of vehicles over six tones, with 7,400 vehicles sold during the month.EU newcomer Bulgaria is also seeing robust sales, despite predictions that accession and the subsequent adoption of Euro 4 would precipitate a marked decline.

H&B logistics joins UPN

United Pallet Network's XDA 'live signature-capture system' for pallets has already attracted a new member - Manchester-based H&B Logistics. H&B will cover the Greater Manchester area including the M, SK, OL and BL postcodes.

Two new directors for JBT

Scottish haulier Jim Brackenridge (Transport) has strengthened its management team with the appointment of two directors – Paul Lefevre and Michael Beveridge. The pair are currently depot managers at its Aberdeen and Inverness sites respectively. JBT, which specialises in distribution to the Scottish Highlands and Islands, is on course to post strong results for its 2006 financial year according to its managing director Murray Prentice. He says that turnover will be around £12.3m, up £1m on the y

Cartwright's new newsprint reel loading system

The Cartwright Group has designed a new trailer to aid the transport of, and unloading of two-tonne triple-width newsprint reels for newsprint company UPM Shotton and News International. Commenting on the trailers, which carry the new width 2,211mm reels from the production site to the printers, Ceri Jones, logistics technical manager for UPM, says: "A series of research tests were commissioned to assess the stability of the larger reel loads.

Operator Licence – Financial standing

As a holder of a Goods Vehicle Licence does my business have to continually demonstrate that it has sufficient funds to comply with the “financial standing” requirement on the licence?

More Scania-MAN-VW Nonsense.

This report suggests that VW is looking to establish a head office in the Netherlands, should the mooted and – in our admittedly jaundiced opinion – utterly derisible attempt at forming a three way alliance from MAN, Scania and VW’s heavy truck operation.

European Commission aims to ramp up diesel tax

The European Commission plans to force up minimum diesel taxes across Europe to stop truckers filling up in the EU countries with the lowest prices. This is to help operators across the EU compete on a level playing field, and to help the environment by stopping drivers making unnecessary journeys to get cheaper fuel. One EC source explains: "It makes no sense for us to encourage an unnatural incentive to do extra kilometres." There is already an EU minimum for diesel taxes, but rates vary widely between EU states. Since 2004 the EU's minimum diesel tax has been