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Via Gellia Transport closes

Via Gellia Transport, of Middleton, Derbyshire, has closed with the loss of 50 jobs at the depot. The firm's training school is also closed, for the moment at least. But its in-house workshop - well known in the area - has re-opened as a new commercial company, HGV Repairs. Former workshop manager David Nash is general manager. Via Gellia was long-established and specialised in the distribution of bulk materials, recycled products and solid fuels, in the UK and also internationally. Managing director John Fairey was unavailable for comment this week.

MT's Shiers wins award

Motor Transport's technical editor Will Shiers has been voted the commercial vehicle writer of the year by the Guild of Motoring Writers. The award, which is sponsored by Volvo Truck and open to members and non-members of the guild, was awarded to Shiers for demonstrating an ability to tackle topical subjects while providing information that could help with purchasing decisions.

Fleet managers are watching

Minorplanet Systems has developed a performance manager add-on for fleet managers using its VMIgreenlight product. Performance Manager will give users the ability to define their own performance criteria from a list of nine key performance indicators, for which historical data on each vehicle is stored. Managers can set targets and measure compliance with a colour-coded "traffic light" system.

EU hours laws could make operators vulnerable

A huge increase in the exposure of truck operators to breaches of hours regulations by their drivers is proposed by the UK government. Under new EU regulations that come into force next April, transport undertakings are "automatically liable for infringements committed by drivers of that transport undertaking". But national governments have a clearly-stated discretionary power to give firms a defence, to the effect that they have good systems in place and have done everything reasonable to avoid offences. The UK has chosen to ignore that discretionary power in a consult

'Why wait for road pricing?'

Sir Rod Eddington's report on future transport policy, commissioned by the Treasury and echoing most of the key policy sentiments of that department, has brought a mixed response from the transport industry. The key point in the report - and the one picked up by newspapers and television - was his endorsement of road pricing. It is a "no-brainer", he said, so he didn't go into much detail as to why it would be needed, how effective it would be, or who would be affected.

DfT launches WTD review

The DfT launched its long-awaited working time review at the road haulage forum last week - and made clear this was the last opportunity to make changes. Work will focus on: The use and interpretation of the "periods of availability." The exemption for "occasional" mobile workers. Treatment of leave. compliance with, and enforcement of, the regulations. and the administrative burden placed on business by the regulations. Any proposals for change that result from the review will be put out for consultation. The revi

Intermodal consultants at Brussels

BMT Transport Solutions will develop a management framework for Europe's intermodal transport system.The subsidiary of BMT has been commissioned by the European Union for Freightwise, a research project leading to a virtual transport network and a stakeholder framework. Users can assess transport services by running operational and commercial information through Freightwise.Freightwise is being developed by a consortium of 55 partners in 14 countries on a budget of €13m, €7.9m of which comes from the EU.

MAN denies possible job losses

MAN says there will be no production job losses as a result of a takeover of Scania. Scania has said that MAN needs to axe 5,000 production jobs in Germany, regardless of any any merger.

Transrent re-opens five of its depots

Trailer rental company Transrent, currently in administration, has agreed to re-open five of its depots so finance companies can get at their trailers and put them to use. Transrent went into administration earlier this month owing some £65m to 30 finance companies and two private equity firms. Administrator Nick Edwards from Deloitte says: "Transrent has been trying to re-structure for the past 12 months.

'Hub port' project to launch in 2008

Boulogne Chamber of Commerce is geared to launch its "hub port" project after an agreement between Bateaux Grande Vitesse France and Chikara Shipping.Chikara plans to launch the first BGV series in September 2008, with an agreement for two BGV passenger and freight vessels, followed by a third freight only boat. The "motorways of the sea" routes will be between Boulogne-sur-Mer and the Sheerness, Drammen, Santander and Vigo ports. Negotiations are underway for a railfreight service between Boulogne-sur-Mer and northern Italy.