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  • Breakdown service

    • 13 June 2014
    • By Roger Brown

    Under The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 employers must ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all employees which includes a duty to ensure they do … more

  • Essential Purchase

    • 04 June 2014
    • By Roger Brown

    Late payment, bad debt and high fuel costs are obstacles all hauliers try to plan for or at least mitigate, but what happens if the land you trade on is bought without your … more

  • Breaking away

    • 22 May 2014
    • By Roger Brown

    In September this year, the people of Scotland will vote in the referendum on Scottish independence.

    If those north of the border vote to break away, then Scotland becoming an independent country … more

  • Crime wave

    • 16 May 2014
    • By Roger Brown

    For some in the haulage industry, their experience of truck crime is confined to “low-level” offences such as fuel theft, or slashing of curtain-sided trailers, while for others it is … more

  • The continuation game

    • 09 May 2014
    • By Roger Brown

    Traffic commissioners and DVSA are overhauling their guidance to operators on continuation fees for O-licences after the upper tribunal found the current wording was confusing.

    The … more

  • Loads of uncertainty

    • 02 May 2014
    • By Roger Brown
    Loads of uncertainty Thumbnail

    Four years ago CM reported how “terrified” Scottish agricultural hauliers were of being stopped and punished by Vosa - now DVSA - and the police for failing to correctly secure their … more

  • Candid camera

    • 25 April 2014
    • By Roger Brown

    Hauliers have good reason to use cameras as they fight to prevent crime, raise driving standards and lower insurance premiums.

    With camera technology becoming ever cheaper, smaller and more user- … more

  • Truck for hire

    • 17 April 2014
    • By Roger Brown

    There are various options for a fleet manager when deciding how to procure trucks and trailers and it is important to consider each of these on its own merits before deciding which is the best option … more

  • Call of Duty

    • 08 April 2014
    • By Roger Brown

    Operators owe a duty of care to their drivers just like most other employer/employee relationships.

    If the operator breaches this duty and the driver suffers loss, injury or damage as a result then … more

  • Collision Course

    • 01 April 2014
    • By Roger Brown

    This article is written by Piers Norsworthy, a practicing criminal barrister at Devon Chambers, Plymouth, who has a particular interest in road traffic law cases involving death or serious injury. He … more

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