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  • Still not completed your Driver CPC training?

    • 17 March 2015
    • By Ashleigh Wight
    Still not completed your Driver CPC training? Thumbnail

    CM received a call from a driver last week who, five and a half years after the Driver CPC legislation came into effect on 10 September 2009, has still not completed his mandatory 35 hours of … more

  • Check before you buy

    • 15 December 2014
    • By Roger Brown

    Back in October South East traffic commissioner Nick Denton revoked the O-licence of Philson Haulage (Southern) after its former transport manager actively colluded in getting drivers to work over … more

  • On Good Form

    • 08 December 2014
    • By Roger Brown

    The Home Office has teamed up with international haulier Brian Yeardley Continental (BYC) to create a definitive checklist for drivers to ensure they have done all they can to prevent stowaways from … more

  • Agency arguments

    • 28 November 2014
    • By Roger Brown

    Driver agencies have traditionally played a significant role in the supply of labour in the road transport industry.

    Their ability to provide drivers with a few days or even hours’ notice has … more

  • Smart thinking

    • 24 November 2014
    • By Roger Brown

    Four years may seem a long time in the road haulage industry but smart digital tachographs will be with us before you know it in 2018.

    Alongside their introduction, according to the European … more

  • Unhappy holidays?

    • 17 November 2014
    • By Roger Brown

    Following the Employment Appeal Tribunal's (EAT) decision in the holiday pay case of Bear Scotland Ltd v Fulton & another, there were very few media outlets which did not include concerning words … more

  • All change

    • 07 November 2014
    • By Roger Brown

    Elections in May led to a major shake-up in the European Parliament with around half of elected MEPs new to Brussels and a new Transport Commissioner appointed.

    Siim Kallas has been replaced by … more

  • Taking a fresh look

    • 03 November 2014
    • By Roger Brown

    Appeals against a traffic commissioner's ruling must be made to the Administrative Appeals Chamber of the Upper Tribunal.

    The operator has 28 days to appeal from the TC's written … more

  • Mechanical problems

    • 27 October 2014
    • By Roger Brown

    It’s no exaggeration to say good vehicle maintenance is the foundation stone on which any half-decent road transport operation is built.

    As well as ensuring better safety and more efficient … more

  • Talent agency

    • 16 October 2014
    • By Roger Brown

    Agency drivers can be a blessing or a curse: a blessing because they can step in when staff drivers are sick or when a short term contract increases the number of drivers needed.

    A curse because not … more

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