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Driver CPC module 2 case study training

  • 12 January 2012
  • By HGV LGV Training

Module 2 Case Study Training

The initial Driver CPC became a mandatory requirement for all new entrants who wish to gain categories D1, D1+E and D (10th September 2008) and categories C1, C1+E and C (10th September 2009.) Modules 2 and 4 of the Initial Driver CPC is a theory and practical test (respectively.) It was introduced to ensure new entrants have the required skills and knowledge to carry out the duties of a professional minibus, coach and LGV driver.

Module 2 CPC Training

This is a theory based examination that must be sat at a DSA approved theory testing centre. It’s a case study based examination that consists of 7 separate scenarios. The scenarios reflect situations a professional driver may encounter is his or her working day. Each scenario has between 7-8 questions. The questions are supported by multi choice answers. So candidates are required to read the case studies carefully, read the questions and select the answer/s which is most applicable.

In total 50 questions will be asked and the pass mark required is at least 40 correct answers. For some the Module 2 case study examination is pretty straight forward however for others it is quite a challenging examination. Those who seem to have most difficulty are those whose English is not their 1st language. The reason being you must be able to read and fully understand the scenarios before you can properly answer the questions.

Unlike the Multi Choice (Module 1A) and Hazard Perception (Module 1B) theory tests the DSA do not provide any real training material to prepare adequately for the module 2 (or Module 4) test. A book has been produced by the DSA which explains what Driver CPC is and what to expect in the exam however this does not provide any of the questions or answers that will be given in the examination.

Please note. The DSA (or any other organisation) will not publish (in advance) any of the questions and answers candidates will receive in the Module 2 test. So learning parrot fashion is not possible.

There are a number of training tools that will help students prepare better. network members EP Training Services has produced a Module 2 Case Study CD ROM that covers the full syllabus with sample case study questions at the end of each section.

They have produced a case study CD ROM for PCV drivers as well as a case study CD ROM for HGV drivers. The cost for the CD ROM is £39.99 and can be purchased from EP Trainings website.

Please click here to purchase the EP Training Module 2 theory training CDROM.

The other option students have is to practice and study online. has teamed up with Theory4all to provide an online Module 2 case study learning tool.
To find out more Please click here to visit the online training simulator.

Please note. Not every new entrant will need the Initial Driver CPC qualification and may be exempt. Please visit our Driver CPC exemptions page for more information.

Module 4 Driver CPC
This is the practical element examination of the Initial Driver CPC qualification. has written a comprehensive and thorough guide to the possible questions and answers students may be given.