A Week in Trucks

'A Week in Trucks' is your regular rundown of the latest stories from the trucking world, brought to you by Commercial Motor in partnership with Daf Trucks.

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From the latest new truck tests to interviews with road transport industry executives, A Week In Trucks is an easy way to keep up to date with what is going on in the road haulage industry.

Want to know what it's like to sleep in a truck? Our sleeper cab test showed you the features that matter the most in a top of the range truck.

We're always first with the reviews of the latest trucks and vans, like the new Daf LF City, Scania S Series or the Scania XT Range.

A Week In Trucks also covers truck shows and industry events, like the CV Show or Freight in the City. Attending these shows is always tricky, so watch our CV Show Survival Guide to find out what vital prepartion you should do and how to make the most out of a trade show. If the comedy pairing of Will and George isn't for you, watch something a bit more serious with a show report from the enormous Hannover truck show, or the LoCity gas roadshow.

Ever wondered what the boss of a UK truck manufacturer has for breakfast? We did, so we grilled them over breakfast, asking them your questions. We even sat down with Scottish traffic comissioner Joan Aitken to find out what her role really involves.

And it's not just the truck industry that A Week In Trucks likes to cover (although we'll try to keep in roughly in that area), as we've also been to find out what Guy Martin eats for dinner.

Commercial Motor and A Week In Trucks has a video for any occasion, whatever you're looking for, and if you simply want to keep up to date with the latest news in the transport industry don't forget to come back regularly and watch our A Week In Truck Bulletins - they're less than a minute and tell you the biggest news stories of the week.