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Choosing a Euro-5 Truck

At Commercial Motor we’ve been testing trucks for more than 100 years, so to make your decision-making easier, we’ve compiled all the Euro-5 trucks tests that we’ve carried out since April 2007. That’s more than 150 trucks reviewed and rated.

What used truck can you buy if you go shopping with £20,000

For a decent, second-hand tractor unit that will give three or four years of good service, you need to budget about £20,000. Spend less than that and you run the risk of throwing away good money further down the line on trucks that have more value as an export or sold for parts.

Purchasing a used Volvo FM

The FM tractor was introduced in July 1998 as a successor to FL and a smaller brother to the FH. Sharing its chassis and 12.1-litre powertrain with the FH, the FM’s cab was more spacious than the cramped FL but less so than the FH, intended to strike a reasonable compromise for distribution tractors.

Purchasing a used Renault Premium

The Premium Long Distance tractor unit is easily the most important model in the Renault Truck range, accounting for around 70% of the marque’s UK truck sales. In recent years, it has held around 10% of the UK tractor unit market. Although that might not sound a great deal, closer analysis reveals that the Premium is a star among what can loosely be described as fleet tractors.

Purchasing a used DAF LF

Daf’s LF45 7.5-tonner boasts astounding longevity and success. Its origins can be traced back 30 years to the Leyland Roadrunner of 1984, and it has been the UK’s top-selling 7.5-tonner since 2005.

Purchasing a used Scania R-series truck

The introduction of the R-series in spring 2004 marked a change in Scania’s model designation system. Out went chronological (1-,2-, 3- and 4-series) numbering, replaced by a prefix indicating cab-mounting height, followed by the engine power rating in hp. R-series, the highest cab mounting, was joined later in 2004 by P-series, the lowest.