Freight in the City Expo Viewpoint: Siemens plugs you into the right charging partner

Commercial Motor
August 27, 2021

Bernard Magee, director of electric vehicle charging infrastructure at Siemens GB&I, and Mark McLoughlin, Siemens financing partner, are speakers in the 'Electric Unplugged' seminar at this year’s Freight in the City event.

In the viewpoint below, Magee sets out the case for looking beyond which charger to install and pinpoints the other factors that will enable businesses to operate efficient, profitable and reliable EV fleets.

A great many column inches have been dedicated to reviewing the effectiveness of electric vehicle (EV) charging systems: how quickly do they charge, how many are needed, do we lease or buy and how user-friendly and reliable are they?

These questions are important pieces of the EV fleet jigsaw but not the only ones.

At Siemens, delivering reliable, cost-efficient energy solutions is the bedrock of our business and has been for decades. Reliable electrical infrastructure is the foundation of a reliable EV charging network and the reason why we offer our road transport industry customers a grid-to-vehicle approach.