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May 11, 2020

This article was taken from the third issue of our Product Innovation Daily magazine series. Click here to read the third magazine, completely free.

Iveco had chosen the CV Show for the offi­cial UK launch of its all-new S-Way range. The Stralis replacement, which is the ­first in a new series of trucks, makes use of an attractive new cab. Highlights include longer doors to cover the second step, new LED headlights and a one-piece side window.

The S-Way’s cab is mounted slightly higher than that of the Stralis, too, which has allowed Iveco to increase the size of the external lockers. Specify them on both sides and you get 375 litres of storage.

The multi-piece bumpers have integrated deflectors, which help to optimise air‑ow. Like the new aerodynamic kit and side skirts, they play a part in reducing the drag coef­ficient and making the tractor 4% more fuel-effi­cient than the Stralis. No doubt this will be improved further when Iveco swaps its newly designed mirrors for cameras, which we expect is just a matter of time.

The S-Way’s interior represents a massive improvement over the Stralis, and the quality of plastics used is certainly better. The driver’s seat is new and features a lowered base, which allows for an increase in cushion thickness, and 45mm more vertical movement. There is 20mm more legroom too, and by moving the ignition (a slot for an electronic key and a stop-start button) upwards, more leg space has been created.

The new multi-function steering wheel, with its 22 switches, puts a lot of controls at the driver’s fingertips. Everything on the left is related to the infotainment, and everything on the right assists with driving. It’s squared off at the base, which should be welcomed by larger drivers.

To the driver’s side is the optional fridge, with a convenient lid for accessing a bottle. The dashboard incorporates a 7in touch-screen infotainment system, with phone mirroring using Apple Car Play. It’s  Bluetooth-equipped, has voice recognition and a dedicated truck navigation system. The driver can also use it to access the assistance services, as well as the Driving Style Evaluation tool.

Lighting has been enhanced too, with LED dimmable ceiling lamps. They are activated by a rotary-controlled switch on the upper shelf above the driver.

The driveline is unchanged, which is no bad thing. Like the Stralis, the S-Way is available in both diesel and Natural Power gas 6x2 versions. Diesel engine options are 11-litre up to 480hp and 13-litre to 570hp; gas engines are 9-litre at 400hp and 13-litre at 460hp. All are mated to TraXon gearboxes. The maximum range of the 4x2 gas truck has been extended to 1,600km, making it suitable for most operations that don’t need to run at 44 tonnes.

While gas trucks have been slower to catch on in the UK than the rest of Europe, there are now 500 Natural Power 6x2 and 4x2 trucks powered by both LNG and CNG on UK roads. With carbon emissions reductions of around 15% over diesel and huge savings on fuel costs, Iveco believes natural gas will become increasingly popular in the UK.

The manufacturer has formed a joint venture with Nikola to develop battery and fuel cell electric heavy trucks but argues these are still some way off full-scale production, whereas gas is a viable alternative today.

This article was taken from the third issue of our Product Innovation Daily magazine series. Click here to read the third magazine, completely free.

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