Used DAF CF: 12 issues to look out for

Lucy Radley
September 23, 2019

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In common with most other modern vehicles, finding common faults on a DAF CF isn’t easy.

Overall it’s a popular and reliable little truck, and those issues we did come across while talking to operators are pretty minor in the grand scheme of things – indeed, a fair few are damage-related rather than actual component failure.

Here’s what we were told to look out for:

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1. Seats:

Excessive wear is commonly seen on seat bases, which can collapse on the door side when drivers repeatedly exit the truck without taking the time to dump the air first.(Back to image)

2. Night heater:

Night heaters regularly fail – in the case of one operator, every single one needed repair or replacement at some point.(Back to image)

3. Door panels:

Interior door panels have been known to come loose and rattle.(Back to image)

4. Mirrors:

Mirrors seem to be far flimsier than most, and therefore more commonly need replacing after a minor tap. “Seem to be made of papier-mâché” was one quote we heard.(Back to image)

5. Horn:

The horn is not loud enough. This sounds petty but, as operators point out, these are trucks used mostly in urban environments where the horn needs to be heard.(Back to image)

6. Side-market lights:

Side-marker lights are prone to damage.(Back to image)

7. APU:

Air processing unit (APU) valves regularly need replacing as the vehicle ages.(Back to image)

8. AdBlue system:

AdBlue system problems. Common to most SCR vehicles, in this case it’s the dosing valves and knock sensors that are usually to blame.(Back to image)

9. Turbochargers:

Turbochargers fail at 600,000km. This in itself is fairly standard but in this instance the pistons almost always go as well.(Back to image)

10. Brakes:

Reports from workshops inform us that, when the rear brake discs are changed, the hubs normally need to be done as well as the two parts corrode and seize together.(Back to image)

11. Lights:

Reports of water and/or dirt ingress into light housings. This mostly affects the tail-lights but others are known to have leaks as well.(Back to image)

12. Tail-lights:

Tail-lights are vulnerable to damage as the bumper is set so far back on the vehicle, particularly with the longer box bodies.(Back to image)

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