Used MAN TGS Tipper: 12 common issues

Lucy Radley
April 9, 2023

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As with most modern vehicles, finding problems with MAN TGS tippers isn’t easy, and most of those we did come across have fixes available, so the important thing is to make sure these have been done. These trucks remain reliable for many years, so many issues are only present on examples that are four or five years old, and will have been caught earlier if the vehicles have been dealership-maintained.

Nevertheless, they are worth knowing about, so here’s a rundown of what operators told us they’ve experienced:

1. Engine

It is possible a few very early TGS trucks were caught up in the widely-publicised problems MAN had with its Euro-5 EGR versions of the D20 and D26 engine, involving the EGR and high-pressure intercoolers. These engines are becoming far more scarce, and those still in circulation should have had any issues resolved, but if you do snap up a long-serving bargain, be aware.