Used MAN TGX: 10 problems to look out for

Lucy Radley
April 9, 2023

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Last time we looked at a TGX tractor, the Euro-5 model was still very much available for purchase, so even putting the well-publicised issues with EGR versions to one side, most of the reported faults were found on these older vehicles. One year on and Euro-5 is distinctly thin on the ground in the UK market, and Euro-6 has had more time to age and show its weak points. As is usually the way with modern trucks, there genuinely isn’t a lot that goes wrong with them. In fact, operator after operator we approached simply replied that the Euro-6 TGX is bulletproof – but here are the few niggles we did manage to ferret out of them.

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1. Air tanks:

Some examples of rear air tanks fouling on trailer legs if the fifth wheel position isn’t checked before reversing under those with a deep pin. This is due to their positioning which extends beyond the rear of the chassis and light clusters, and should be avoidable through driver education at handover.(Back to image)

2. AdBlue pump:

Reports of multiple AdBlue pump failures. Check the vehicle history.(Back to image)

3. AdBlue system:

Evidence of various other AdBlue gremlins causing dashboard lights and “30hrs to limp mode” warnings with no obvious cause on investigation.(Back to image)

4. Emissions:

Some instances of emissions issues where vehicles won’t regenerate, instead going into de-rate mode. An easy fix for dealer workshops.(Back to image)

5. Fuel filter:

While the exterior-mounted fuel filter has been relocated since previous models, and is no longer vulnerable to being caught by drivers’ boots as they climb on the catwalk, it is now prone to having the tap knocked by forklift trucks during loading at the trailer headboard if not guarded.(Back to image)

6. Radar box:

Issues with the radar box mounted on the front of the truck being knocked off when the vehicle is cleaned using an automatic wash. Check it has been mounted firmly if there is evidence this has happened in the past.(Back to image)

7. Wing mirrors:

Wing mirror backs on these trucks seem to be particularly vulnerable to shattering or dropping off at the slightest tap – keep spares in stock.(Back to image)

8. Hinges:

Door hinges bend easily causing doors to drop. Particularly likely to occur when the driver’s door is opened in windy conditions and allowed to bang back against the stoppers. Easily avoided if care is taken.(Back to image)

9. Oil:

No means for drivers to easily check oil levels beyond reading the electronic gauge within the dashboard computer because the dipstick is located under the cab. While we’re assured these are now far more trustworthy than earlier versions, it’s well worth manually dipping during service to confirm all is functioning correctly.(Back to image)

10. Brakes:

Some operators report uneven braking which favours the unit, causing trailer brakes to wear out excessively quickly.(Back to image)

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