Used Scania S Series: 12 potential problems

George Barrow
September 7, 2020

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The first time we looked at a used new generation Scania was in autumn 2018, so those faults we did find included a fair number of “teething troubles”, which will either have been fixed or won’t have occurred in the first place on later examples.

That was still only 18 months ago, however, so we’ve left some of them on our updated list, simply so potential buyers can be aware what might have needed doing, and can check it has been done.

1. Headlight

If a headlight is cracked, be aware the complete unit must be purchased to rectify, rather than just the glass.

2. Windscreen

Windscreens are prone to cracking, which the operators concerned suspect is down to cab flex. Check if this has happened in the past before buying – if so, it may well happen again.

3. Mountings

Instances of the mountings and suspension at the rear of the cab coming loose.

4. Leaf springs

Reports of front leaf springs snapping on two out of three of one operator’s new generation vehicles.

5. Power steering

Issues where the hydraulic pipe leading from the main power steering pump has failed.

6. Gearbox

Various gearbox problems have been reported, particularly issues with the layshaft brake, designed to enable quicker gear changes. The most common fault shows itself when changes going up through the gears become noticeably slower, a warning that failure is imminent.

7. Fridge

Fridges sometimes cease functioning without warning or obvious cause. Also, warn drivers NOT to slam the fridge shut, as the frame at the back then breaks and rattles. This may well be the rattle we heard on our test truck, but it will have been rectified before sale.

8. Steer-axle

Issues with the electro-hydraulic second steer-axle where the pump has failed. Also, some problems with the control box have been reported, though these have been rectified under warranty.

9. Air leak

Continuous slow air leaks appearing on various valves.

10. Air dryer

­Multiple examples of air dryers having failed.

11. DPF

Several cases reported where the DPF failed to regenerate effectively, with the result that the entire unit became clogged with white powder.

12. Infotainment system

Reports that the infotainment system regularly freezes on some trucks, and then needs completely resetting to rectify. It has been suggested this is due to the placement of the heater ducting behind the units concerned.

Click here to view all of the used Scania S Series trucks we have in stock.

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