Used Trucks 2023 review: Glenn Bagnall, Schmitz Cargobull UK & Ireland

George Barrow
January 17, 2024

We take a look back at the used trailer market with a chat with Glenn Bagnall, national used trailer sales manager at Schmitz Cargobull UK & Ireland

How has the used trailer market been in 2023?

In the wake of Covid, the used trailer market showed further signs of a revival over the last couple of years. The Schmitz Used Trailer Sales operation offers a variety of excellent options for UK transport and logistics operators as well as companies working in Europe, enhancing our reputation as the go-to manufacturer for second-hand trailers.


What have been the challenges in the used trailer market this year?

After a year characterised by high pricing in the used trailer market, the challenges have come as prices have stabilised. It’s been a tricky balance between not overvaluing and being left with overpriced stock, or undervaluing and missing out on a deal.

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