What tractor unit can you get for £20,000?

George Barrow
May 23, 2019

On a budget? We scan commercialmotor.com used trucks to find 6x2 tractor units for £20,000... or thereabouts.

Imagine the scenario: you’ve been in gainful employment for quite a few years, driving for a pleasant enough local company on a pretty decent wage. Things are looking good, with a fair workload doing general haulage that doesn’t take you a million miles away from home. You’re even driving a not-half-bad rig – just as you joined, the boss picked up a bargain from a local dealer who was keen to impress and you’ve landed it as your drive. High spec, sweet engine, nearly new. It’s a little tired now, but you don’t mind as it’s a good truck that’s been well looked after.

But then there’s a problem. The work dries up and the boss is having to make cuts. Unfortunately, you’re one of them and you’re sent packing with a few redundancy pounds in your pocket and aspirations of making it on your own as an owner-driver. Together with some savings, you’ve decided that £20,000 is about your limit for your new truck. But what can it get you?