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CAP: when buying a used van does the badge matter?

Ken Brown, Editor at CAP Red Book, writes: A van is a motorised metal box with a wheel at each corner with a defined payload and load space volume. So, when buying a used van does the badge on the front really matter?  You bet it does!

Drivers’ uniforms

The right uniform raises the image, esteem and perceived professionalism of both the driver wearing it and the company that employs him. 

Tyre Management Contracts

The importance of getting a firm grip on tyre costs was rammed home last year by a series of tyre price hikes the like of which has never been seen before.

Top tips for buying second-hand trucks

Buying a used truck is, in theory, a cheaper option than buying new. However, if you don't make all the checks you need to, it could wind up costing far more than first imagined. CM, with help from Ken Grindrod, sales director of Wakefield-based Pelican Engineering, offers an essential guide to buying second-hand trucks. Paperwork: cast your eye over the V5 registration document and make sure everything tallies up.

SMMT launches van buyers' guide

The SMMT has launched a van buyers' guide aimed at providing light CV purchasers and drivers with information on how to reduce running costs and CO2 emissions. Called Right Van Man and produced jointly with the Vehicle Certification Agency and the Department for Transport, the double-sided leaflet is available to download and includes advic