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6- to 7-tonne GVW vans

  7.5-tonne GVW trucks accounted for 28% of all new trucks over 3.5 tonnes GVW registered in the UK in 2000.

Truck engine oils

It’s not easy choosing engine oil: every oil seems to be seems to have an alphabet spaghetti of specifications and accreditations on its data sheet. Then there is all marketing hyperbole.

Buying at auction

Once regarded as an outlet for vehicles in their twilight years in search of one last owner before heading for the breakers yard, auctions have upped their game. They are now big players in the corporate ‘remarketing’ business, helping blue-chip companies realise strong residual values for their used vehicles.

Purchasing a new van

Whatever sort of van you want, and however you want to buy it, there are some questions you need to ask – starting with specifications such as payload, wheelbase, turning circle, engine power, load volume, payload and towing capacity.


Fleet telematics systems offer operators many benefits, from the ability to confirm the location of each vehicle at any given point to the production of reports grading drivers on their driving style. But the novelty of seeing each truck’s position on a screen in the traffic office soon wears off. Telematics systems cost money.

Reversing aids

Have you got a blind spot about reversing? If you want to minimise the chances of damage, injury or prosecution you really need to address the risk of going backwards.

Truck finance

So you need a truck. Do you want to own a truck or do you want to use a truck? And how should you pay for what you want? This Buyers’ Guide helps you get to grips with financial engineering.

Bulk fuel installations

Diesel is the lifeblood of a truck operator’s business, so having your own bulk fuel storage makes sense in so many ways. We guide you through the task of specifying a fuel installation.