Seminar Programme Day 3 - 1 October


CM Show Seminar Programme Day 3 - 1 October

Microlise, organisers of what has become Europe's largest transport conference, wil take over the seminar programme on day 3 of the Commercial Motor Show.

09:30 | Managing Vehicle & Driver Compliance

Lee Oliver, head of sales, TruTac

In this session, Lee Oliver, Head of Sales at TruTac, will outline how to utilise technology to effectively manage all aspects of compliance, from drivers hours and tachograph analysis through to vehicle maintenance and daily checks. With compliance being a must for all operators, the session will focus on how to ensure this is done in such a way that reduces administration but ensures a robust approach.

10:30 | Maximising Driver Performance to Realise Long-Term Benefits

Neil Selby, senior business transformation manager, Microlise

Neil has spent over thirty years in the transport & logistics sector and is an experienced business transformation specialist. With an established background in planning & transport management systems, Neil, who is an APMG change management practitioner, also holds both national and international CPC and C + E licences. Neil supports our product team and works closely with customers to ensure that Microlise systems are successfully embedded to deliver sustained ROI. Neil also provides ongoing new product, feature & system configuration support across both our Telematics and Journey Management solutions.

11:30 | Lockdown Logistics - The Changes in the Operating Environment

Mike Ellis, business development director, Abbey Logistics

When the UK went into lockdown, the world changed significantly for transport operators. One of the key changes was in the operating environment, with a huge reduction in volume of traffic. In this presentation, Steve Granite, CEO at Abbey Logistics, will outline the findings of the company's analysis on the data captured during this period from its fleet, looking at the changes identified. Granite will then explore how the beneficial changes seen can be realised by industry longer-term, and what changes the industry and government might implement to achieve this aim.

12:30 | Logistics in the World of Covid-19 - Going Contactless

Bernie Warner, senior pre-sales consultant, Microlise

With human interaction a key driver of Coronavirus, transport operators have had to adapt to this reality and reduce contact throughout the logistics process. Technology can be an enabler in achieving this. In this presentation, Bernie Warner Neil Clinghan of Microlise will discuss the role of technology in reducing the need for human interaction, whilst also driving real efficiencies and benefits.

01:30 | The Future of Road Transport

Stephen Watson, product director, Microlise

Steve Watson has been at Microlise since 2002, and has played a key role in the development of the company's telematics and fleet management offering. As Product Director, he manages the portfolio of products that help drivers and fleet owners and asset providers, service agents and partners to operate profitable, safe and compliant transport businesses globally.

Steve completed a degree with honours in Electronic Engineering with Music & Media Systems at Leeds Metropolitan University, before joining British Airways as an Analyst Programmer. He later worked for Quantas in Sydney before making the move back to his home town of Nottingham to join Microlise.

02:30 | Managing Risk & Safety with Vehicle Cameras

Fenton Baker, product owner, Microlise

Vehicle cameras have been around for some time, with many fleets in the UK now utilising the technology to protect themselves in the event of an incident occuring. But are these cameras used to full effect? In this presentation, Fenton Baker of Microlise will discuss the real benefits of vehicle cameras, how they can be used to reduce risk, enhance safety and aid driver training, as well as discussing how real-world footage can be combined with telematics data to create a deep understanding of what happened around incidents and near-misses.

03:30 | The Connected Supply Chain - From Farm & Factory to Consumer

David Midgley, OEM & channel director, Microlise

Transport and logistics firms have been early adaptors of connected technology, helping them to reduce operating costs and improve customer service. Advances in technology mean that many other industries are now looking at the value of connected technology. David Midgley looks at the opportunities of connecting 'everything' and the challenges to be overcome in building a successful Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) program across the supply chain.