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Commercial Motor is the only UK truck magazine to give you the latest industry news, up to date compliance stories, legal features and product information. That’s why we are at the heart of the road transport industry.

Established in 1905, Commercial Motor has covered the ever changing landscape of the transport industry every week, and we’re still doing just that today. From road tests and used truck buying advice, to legal guidance and best practice, Commercial Motor is a must read for any truck driver, truck operator or anyone with an interest in the haulage industry.

For over 110 years we have helped our readers to:

  • Stay compliant – our weekly legal coverage includes public inquiry outcomes, legislation updates, advice from transport lawyers, interviews with the traffic commissioners, and ‘what-if’ scenarios

  • Improve their bottom line – fuel-saving advice, specification best practice and other top tips

  • Make informed decisions – using our in-depth new and used vehicle tests, buying guides, and coverage of new product launches

  • Keep abreast of industry news – from breaking stories to investigations that dig deep to unearth the root of an issue

  • Access 1000+ used truck and trailer advertisements every week