Concrete firm’s attitude lays foundations for revocation

Chris Tindall
November 14, 2021

A Shropshire operator that said it was too busy to engage with the traffic commissioner and treated the regulatory process with contempt has had its licence revoked.

Calder’s Concrete Products was called to a Birmingham public inquiry after repeatedly failing to demonstrate the financial standing required for three HGVs.

The licence for the Bridgnorth firm had been granted in May 2020, with an undertaking it would submit evidence of appropriate funds, but by July 2021 TC Nick Denton had lost patience with it for failing to do so.

“Weary of this endless ping-pong, I decided to call the operator to a public inquiry to resolve the matter once and for all,” Denton said in his written decision.

Sole director Ronald Calder told the TC he had not received the inquiry bundle from the licensing office until shortly before the PI, despite evidence showing it had been received much earlier.

“Mr Calder said that he had not read the call-up letter,” the TC said.

“Asked why not, he said that he had been ‘too busy’.

“I saw no point in continuing the inquiry further. Mr Calder’s attitude to the whole regulatory process has been one of contempt.

“He has repeatedly failed to provide the necessary financial information and, when he has eventually provided it, the necessary finances have been severely lacking.”

Denton added: “A company ‘too busy’ to engage with the regulatory authorities and with such little capital is not fit to hold an operator’s licence.”

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