Container weight changes now in force

Chris Tindall
July 11, 2016

Guidance for operators affected by container weight changes has been published as the sector comes to terms with one of its biggest challenges in recent times.

Amendments to the Safety of Life at Sea (Solas) Convention mean shippers are now responsible for ensuring export containers have a verified gross mass before they are loaded onto ships (as of 1 July).

Most ports offer a weighing service, although hauliers have warned it could result in crippling queues.

The Global Shippers’ Forum, insurance company the TT Club and the World Shipping Council, among others, have formed a broad industry coalition to provide a batch of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for concerned stakeholders about how the process will work.
The FAQs explain how the Solas container verified gross mass requirements should be fulfilled and provide information regarding the two methods that may be used to obtain the verified gross mass of a packed container.

Port of Liverpool director David Huck said: “This is arguably the biggest challenge to face the container shipping industry and the right approach for cargo owners and shipping lines remains a hotly disputed topic even this close to the deadline.

“While ports have no obligation under the regulations we have chosen to invest in a solution to support the logistics community, which will help to reduce costs, risks and delays.”

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