Don't forget to change tachograph clock this Sunday

Ashleigh Wight
March 23, 2017

Operators are reminded to alter the time on their vehicle tachographs when the clocks go forward an hour on 26 March.

Tachograph Analysis Consultants, which has compiled guides to help operators change the local time on a range of digital tachograph units, said there are a number of reasons why daylight saving time is of benefit to the haulage industry. These include allowing UK hauliers that operate overseas to work on the same hours as businesses on the continent, improving communication and productivity.

Visit Tachograph Analysis Consultants' website for instructions on changing the time on Stoneridge, VDO and Actia digital tachograph units.

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Ashleigh Wight

Ashleigh is a former news reporter for Commercial Motor and Motor Transport and currently the editor of OHW+ and HR and wellbeing editor at Personnel Today.

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