Driver CPC cards will not be sent out immediately if training is completed early

Ashleigh Wight
November 4, 2016


Driver Qualification Cards will no longer be immediately sent out to drivers who complete their Driver CPC training more than a year before their deadline.

The DVSA has said drivers who complete their five training modules more than 12 months early will instead receive their card closer to the deadline. However, those who complete the training within 12 months of their deadline will get their Driver Qualification Card straight away.

Drivers unsure of when their deadline is can check using the DVSA website. They can also check which courses they have attended and how many hours of training they have completed. For most drivers, the next Driver CPC deadline will fall in September 2019.

Operators can also use the website to check drivers’ training records using a temporary password generated by the driver.

DVSA urged drivers to tell DVLA if they have changed their address, otherwise they may have to pay a £25 fee if their card is sent to their old address.

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