Driver CPC could be 'more flexible' after Brexit

Emma Shone
October 28, 2016

Leaving the EU could provide an opportunity to make Driver CPC training more flexible, the government has said.

In its response to a report on skills in the road haulage sector, the government said it plans to improve the scheme, although potential changes are dependant on the outcome of Brexit negotiations.

It said: “When the implications of the UK’s new position outside the EU for the road haulage sector are clearer, we will consider the way forward on Driver CPC.

“For example, it may provide opportunities to allow drivers to obtain their training in a more flexible way.”

RHA director of policy Jack Semple said that while the association was keen to reform the Driver CPC, the industry should not raise its expectations as change will be a long time coming.

He told “There are greater priorities for Brexit at the moment. Transport regulations such as Driver CPC are going to have to wait until the important issues of Brexit settle down.

“So we would like to continue 
a dialogue, but at the moment there’s no immediate possibility of a change. I wouldn’t want to raise expectations for the industry.”

The response to the report –Skills and Workforce Planning in the Road Haulage Sector – also emphasised the benefits the HGV driver training trailblazer could have on the industry’s recruitment and training and the need for the industry to aim for more female and BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) employees.

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