Drivers caught in Operation Tramline

Chris Tindall
July 9, 2020

An HGV driver has been given a £900 on-the-spot fine after police in North Yorkshire stopped him from driving to Dover in a vehicle found to have extensive collision damage.

Officers from the force used an unmarked lorry to give them a clear view of road users breaking the law as part of Operation Tramline last month.

They said the vast majority of motorists were “overwhelmingly responsible” but a number were stopped for various incidents.

The Dover-bound driver was in a European-registered HGV and his vehicle was prohibited by DVSA officers.

Among other incidents, a light commercial vehicle driver was pulled over for using his mobile phone on day one of the operation and three days later was stopped again for driving his vehicle in a dangerously overloaded condition.

In another incident, a disqualified driver of an overweight van and trailer was also found using his phone at the wheel.

Traffic Constable Mark Patterson said: “By using the unmarked truck on loan from Highways England, we can check all drivers are following the rules of the road and not doing anything that could distract them, such as using a handheld mobile phone.

“HGV, van and coach drivers are professionals, but even the professionals make mistakes sometimes, which can have catastrophic results in such a heavy vehicle.

“It is important to note, however, that this operation was not designed to target HGV drivers and in fact the results show that an equal number of goods and private vehicles were dealt with.”

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