Driving ban for drunk trucker

Chris Tindall
October 20, 2021

A drunk HGV driver has been banned from the roads for two years after he collided through a hedge into a crop field and narrowly missed several cars.

Police said it was only luck Joseph Ceasar did not harm anyone on the A346 in Wiltshire after they received reports from members of the public of an HGV swerving in the road between Marlborough and Swindon. The trucker’s vehicle then crossed the central white line and left the road, going through a seven-foot hedge and ending up in a field. When the police arrived Ceasar, who was working at the time, was arrested and a test carried out that showed he was three times over the legal limit for drink driving.

He pleaded guilty at Swindon Magistrates’ Court to driving a vehicle over the specified alcohol limit and was disqualified and given a community order, as well as ordered to pay court costs and surcharges.

PC Sam Bridgeman of the Swindon community policing team, said: “We continue to stress the dangers of drink driving and there is no excuse to get behind the wheel of a vehicle whilst under the influence of drink. We are thankful to the members of public who not only called us with their concerns regarding Ceasar’s driving but also stopped and ensured that Ceasar did not attempt to continue his journey.”

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