Drug driver almost killed roads policing officers

Chris Tindall
April 6, 2022

Police in Derbyshire have condemned the actions of a drug taking HGV driver, who collided with one of its vehicles on a blue light run and left it sliding on its side for over 100 metres.

The county’s roads policing unit said the two officers in the Audi were lucky not to have been killed when Simon Storey failed to notice their vehicle when it attempted to overtake him on the A38 near Mickleover after responding to an emergency call last November.

In a subsequent interview, Storey admitted to smoking cannabis earlier in the day, as well as on each day before driving.

One of the officers in the car escaped with minor visible injuries and the other had to be cut out, suffering from a broken elbow, broken ribs and muscle damage.

At Southern Derbyshire Magistrates Court, Storey, 41 was found guilty of drug driving and driving without due care and attention. He was sentenced to 12 weeks imprisonment suspended for 12 months, a 12 month driving ban and a curfew of 7pm to 7am for 6 weeks.

In a social media post, the police said: “Our forensic collision investigators calculated we were in view in his mirrors for around 15 seconds from at least 557 metres away. That's of no concern to drug drivers though, they have an agenda - themselves and no one else.”

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