DVLA slow in returning HGV driver's licence despite medical all clear

Chris Tindall
September 14, 2018


An HGV driver said a delay in re-issuing his licence after his recovery from an operation had affected his mental health and created stress for his family.

Keith Samuel said he had done everything the DVLA requested to comply with licensing requirements, including receiving a clean bill of health from a cardiologist, but he has still not been able to drive despite reapplying on 10 July.

In January, the Hayton Coulthard driver was rushed to hospital after suffering a suspected heart attack; he was subsequently diagnosed with supraventricular tachycardia.

Following an operation to treat the abnormally fast heart rate on 30 May, Samuel said his cardiologist reported he was fit enough to have his licence returned, and having waited the six weeks mandated by the DVLA, he reapplied.

However, he said the agency has dragged its feet since and he is still waiting more than two months on.

Samuel’s experience mirrors that of other CM readers who have complained about the agency’s failure to reissue licences following medical problems.

In April, the DVLA promised to reissue an HGV driver with his licence after CM questioned why the agency was ignoring the medical advice of a neurosurgeon.

The DVLA said it would not comment on an individual’s case, but it was often reliant on information from “a third party”, which could cause delay.

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