DVSA relaxes moratorium on new ATFs

Colin Barnett
June 3, 2021

In 2017, DVSA stopped accepting applications to set up new ATFs “to help us support existing ATFs and meet their needs”. The DfT’s Heavy Vehicle Testing Review has now recommended that DVSA should consider taking steps to allow more ATFs to open.

The first step will be to consider applications for new ATFs under prescribed circumstances. These are if the new ATF:

  • Is a move of premises for an existing ATF, but it is within the same geographic area
  • Already has ‘approval in principle’ from DVSA
  • Is in an area with a substantial shortage of ATFs, currently Orkney and mainland Highlands of Scotland
  • Is in Southern England and is offering testing of fully laden fuel tankers (this is often known as a full pet. reg. site) or ADR testing
  • Will significantly improve the service to heavy vehicle operators, by reduced journey times or other efficiency benefits. Applications made under this criteria will be prioritised based on the certainty and scale of improvement in service the proposed ATF can offer.

Operators with facilities that meet these criteria are also invited to consider applying to join the ATF network.

DVSA accepts that there are other businesses that do not meet these criteria, and the next step will be to review how they can be widened in future.

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Colin Barnett

Colin Barnett has been involved in the road transport industry since becoming an apprentice truck mechanic and worked on Commercial Motor for 27 years

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